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TechTatva ’17 — Vedanth 7.0

Deepali Sahu

Vedanth 7.0 showcased a beautiful blend of pure engineering, coupled with a splash of talent that emerged from all fields, including music, art, design, and many more.

Relive the sight that was sure to knock your gloves off!

Talking Glove

With the heart of gold and the arm of code, the Talking Glove lends a helping hand towards the deaf. It works on a fundamental idea- to convert gestures and signs into a speech output. Correspondingly,  it enables easy communication between expert American Sign Language speakers, and the common man.

Guitar Playing Bot

The guitar playing bot converts notes from the guitar tablature to digital signals. The motors of the machine use these digital signals to run the bot mechanism. In return, this produces motions in order to strum the guitar.

However, the bot isn’t limited to playing the guitar only. The mechanism can be easily modified to play a plethora of stringed instruments, making its applications limitless.

Heart murmur detection

This project aims to detect heart murmur from a phonocardiogram at an economical cost. On successful interpretation, this invention is a real-time heartbeat sensor, capable of providing one with world-class services at a tenth of the price.

Often misdiagnosed, a heart murmur can provide a pre-emptive warning regarding a heart failure or valve problem. Firstly, it registers the heart sounds taken from an acoustic sensor in order to further filter, and amplify it. It then sends the findings to a MATLAB program to implement various digital signal processing techniques. The detection of different types of murmur is made by comparing the results obtained, with pre-stored data. The theory and technology behind the whole process is quite easy to comprehend. However, it is now that we can implement this innovation at an economical price, with great efficiency.

Home Servant

The home servant is sure to grow on all our lethargic souls, with it’s extensive use of image recognition techniques to assist one with mundane and physically taxing chores. Coupled with a vertical reach of about three feet, the bot adds an extra level of convenience by making it easier for yone to reach the item. Additionally, its voice recognition ability makes it the best personal assistant you could ask for.


The Arduinoscope is a self-aligning telescope that helps trace any desired celestial body. The telescope automatically positions itself and points to the desired location on entering the coordinates. This can be wirelessly controlled by a simple mobile application too!

Object Recognition Bot

Wandering through the premises in search of the required item, the ORB retrieves objects using app-based commands. This handy workplace tool acquires and hands over the desired matter with its mechanical arm.

The bot applies extensive concepts of Machine Learning. It can, up to a certain extent, can be considered artificially intelligent too. A smartphone app is used to issue commands. Additionally, the app communicates with the machine wirelessly.

Smart Watch

This equipment has an inbuilt heart sensor that can detect a rise in the heartbeat and respond to it, ergo behaving like a safety device.  If one’s heartbeat rises, it sends a signal to the app through nodeMCU. The user has a 10 seconds window to disable the alarm. Failure to do so triggers the app which starts recording surrounding audio for the next 20 seconds. It then uploads the data, along with the users GPS coordinates onto a server for future access. The guilty can be arrested based on the recorded information. Furthermore,  an alert is sent to the the listed emergency contacts, and the police.

Drawing Bot

Technological advances continue to blur the boundaries between human and machine intelligence. As the gap between the two keeps inching towards each other, as homage, the students of Manipal brought to the limelight their new bot, Da Vinci.

Envisioned to interpret art, it uses image processing, coupled with a minimalist mechanical design, and basic MATLAB gives Da Vinci the ability to render pristine beauty to a tangible form.

Train RFID

Designed to help the Indian Railways, Train RFID develops RFID tags to pass on information about upcoming traffic without actually stopping the train. A drastic reduction in time delays, and accidents due to common miscalculations is a direct result of this system in action.

Home Cleaner

This simple yet revolutionary invention needs little to no maintenance and it picks up all your baggage’s (not the emotional kind). It is an autonomous robotic cleaner which cleans the entire room without smashing into the obstacles or randomly malfunctioning. Economical, low maintenance, and quiet; a simple fix to all your mess.

Smart Car

Aiming to integrate smart features into existing cars, this exhibit grabbed the attention of many. The smart car has unique features that put it in a different league from its competitors. Some of these features include an Automatic Parking ability, Rain-Sensing Wipers, Door Opening Warning System, and a Heads up Display.