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Monthly Archives: February 2017

A Talk with Titans

We got a chance to have a chat with titans of the industry and proud MIT alumni – Mr. Anant Talaulicar, Mr. Sachin Menon and Mr. Thomas Cherukara. Read on to find out about their views on a number of topics ranging from business to spirituality.

Praxis: Tech Week’17

IE- E&C and IE-Mechanical’s partnership debuted brilliantly as Praxis’17, the TechWeek organised by both these clubs, was a perfect blend of electronics and mechanics along with a wide array of events.

All ‘Maid’ Up – M.A.I.D Café by Manga and Anime Club

It was every anime aficionado and manga maven’s dream come true, when the Manga and Anime Club- in association with Burning Ice- presented Manipal’s first maid cafe. With Egg Factory’s apt food and decor, all that was required was a few Japanese Cherry Blossoms, laden with pink, to polish the otherwise fascinating set up.

A March under the Rainbow

Un-inhibited, and unrestrained, a parade under the scintillating colours of the rainbow. Manipal’s Ally March showed that this sleepy town still provides a safe space to embrace diversity.

Con Artist – True Enemy or False Friend?

On days you’re out of cash, do you wish you could manipulate someone and run away with their loot? Blank-101’s talk, ‘Con Artists – 101’ focused on just that. Read on to find out more about what was perhaps the club’s best presentation yet.

Ultimate Gaming Championship

The Ultimate Gaming Championship, conducted by the MIT Gaming club over the weekend, attracted casual gamers as well as seasoned ones to compete in video games such as FIFA, Blur, Mortal Kombat, and Call Of Duty.

Two Wheel Drive-By: Ashva Electric Motorsports

Electric Motorsport is a domain of motor racing that could either be all-electric or inclusive of other types of vehicles with varying power sources. This sphere of motorsport has gained considerable attention in the world with prominent events like Isle Of Man TT and FIA Formula E Championship organized specifically to invigorate this revolutionary innovation. Interestingly, Electric Motorsport hasn’t acclaimed much popularity in India. Promoting this motorsport fulfills one of MIT’s newest student project’s most potent grails of being unique.

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